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~Western Influences~

Posted in ~Treaty of Nanking~ by Courage to Talk for the Next Generation on January 17, 2010

“I love East Asia” ~Seeking the true History~

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 The Chinese response under the pressure from the great western power. ~Part 2~

After the Treaty of Nanking, the western powers were not satisfied with it so they led to additional war against China such as the second opium war known as Arrow War and Sino-French War in order to get additional trade profits and territories. Failing of most resistances, Chinese government had to cede a huge territory, pay wartime reparation and open several new ports to the western powers. Increasing trading ports, foreign missionaries had been increased and they could do their missionary across the country.

Second Opium War

Shino-French War

Gradually, the western powers made their own influences in China. The British extended their influence over Chang-Jiang basin zone, the german did over Shandong Peninsula, the French did the Guandong Coast,the Russia did over the North East China and the US ordered China obey their “Open Door Policy”.


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