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Establishing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Posted in ~Treaty of Nanking~ by Courage to Talk for the Next Generation on January 21, 2010

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The Chinese response under the pressure from the great western power. ~Part 3~

The Treaty of Nanking concluded, mass of western goods float into China and broke the self-sufficiencies of rural areas. Additionally the Chinese government kept imposing heavy imposition on farmer in order to pay war reparation to the western powers. This heavy burden piled unfocused anger among the farmers and finally it led to cause the one of the biggest riot in the history known as Taiping Rebellion. Hong Xiuquan and Yang Xiuqing mobilized the populace through Christian organization and rebelled against the Chinese government.

Hong Xiuquan

Yang Xiuqing

They established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and had been fought the Chinese government over 14 years. The Taiping territory.  They aimed to establish a Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace based on Christianity. However, their attempts ended up in failure because of the internal division in the Taiping government and the siege warfare of the Chinese government hold their hands with western powers.


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