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China-Japan History research panel has issued a report.

Posted in Opinions about recent News by Courage to Talk for the Next Generation on February 2, 2010

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~Seeking the true History~

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Hello, everyone. This is ILEA.

China-Japan History research panel has issued a report.

In this report, the council has clearly indicated that the war happened from 1931 to 1941 between China and Japan was a war of Japanese aggression and also they have recognized the massacre at Nanking in other hands they have some disagreements about the number of the victims at Nanking. While Japan panel side insists that the number of victims were fewer than two hundred thousands, China side insists that the number were above three hundred thousands.

In my opinion, it is clear that there was massacre and so many innocent people were killed at Nanking by the Japanese army at the time. I have several opinions about the number of victims advocated by Chinese side as well as many Japanese people have but that is not what I want to mention today. What I want to indicate today is that about the paradoxical attitudes of Chinese people toward researching history. While they have been insisting that Japan never reflect on history and apologize, they have been rejecting requests from in and out of countries about the Chinese modern History as interference in Chinese affairs. I agree with their point and I evaluate their attitude of seeking the true history and apologize to Japan for Japanese invasion. (Aside from the fact that Chinese government has been using these historical subjects for their national profits for a long as well as most of countries do) However I can’t say that China is truly wants to seek the true history. For me, they seems to pick up the subjects they want to talk about so I wonder that China is truly ready to seek the true History and ready to request Japan to reflect on history. I think China is not ready to go for it. For instance, before this panel research begun between Chinese and Japanese government, China requested Japan to omit the articles about modern Chinese History including “Tiananmen Square incident” from the report because they concern that it might effect public opinion negatively and the NHK News which broadcasted at 01/31/2010 at China about this panel report was censored by Chinese government so the news was unable to see for a few seconds because the News included some movies of Tiananmen Square incident. With these facts, who might think China is ready to seek History? I guess nobody does. As I mentioned, I valuate that the Chinese attitude toward History somehow and someway. However I think China is not deserved it yet. How many Japanese people believe opinions that have been insisted at the China that is filled with tons of censorships? Who think the information came from the country whose government does not allow citizens say what they want to say is correct. I guess nobody believe it. In order to win Japanese confidences toward Chinese historical opinion and off cause to win Chinese peoples’ confidences, China also has to reflect on their unacceptable histories just like the way China has been asking Japan. In this decade, from 2010 to 2020, Japan would reflect on the past and make some apologizes for the Japanese invasion toward Asian countries. Please remember, China would be the next country has to reflect on the past after that. As you can see in Japan, it is not easy to reflect on the past and concede what it did. It is so hard to say sorry for faults. I wish that China would look at how Japan behaves, and then take a good look at them. From now on, I think it is better to prepare for it for the future. I guess that Chinese unacceptable histories such as the massacres at Tiananmen, Tibet and The Uighur [Uyghur] Autonomous Region would be accused more than now. As Japan has to do it, every countries have to reflect on history and pay for it.



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