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Courage to Talk!

Posted in Project Outline by Courage to Talk for the Next Generation on February 3, 2010

 “I love East Asia” ~Seeking True History~

 This is updating from New York City.

 Hello, everyone. This is ILEA. My name is Kou.

 Thank you for your visiting this web-site! This is the first article of this web site so I want explain to you the reason why I made this web-site. You probably do not know, among East Asian Countries such as TAIWAN, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, NORTH KOREA and JAPAN, a lot of historical issues are still existing even though 60 years have passed shine the World War Second has ended and ,among the counties, young people are also still hating each other because they have been affected by those issues over and over since their child foot. In other word, young people among these countries have been educated to hate each other by each governments and educators. As the result of it, people hate each other like I used to do. (I don’t understand why these government educate people to hate each other but I’m sure there are some profits from this kind of educations returning to them.)

 Sharing close history, sharing dozen of pains and joyful and finally what we have reached is hating each other. How came the idea? That’s enough for me! I’m tired of hearing people hating each other and saying bad things about each other without any studying about what the truly problem is. Many of the people who do this are just let loose their emotions and shout out. Here you are, maybe you have already got what I want to do. Yes, what I want to do with this web-site is putting to out the end of this nonsense emotional chain in our generation!

 In detail, I want to make an original historical text by the hand of East Asian Students including me through some proses such as researching and discussing to understanding and knowing each other. I totally  understand that this project talking obstacles “sensitive subjects” would be so tough and hard but I believe that without talking, discussing sensitive subjects “what we hesitate to talk” and knowing each other, there are no way to build a new relationship among East Asian Countries. Now this is the most important thing for us (East Asian) that “Courage to talk”.

  Here is a process of this project. 

 The project process

  1. Choosing a subject.
  2. Researching about it by their own language individually.
  3. Holding a meeting.
  4. Teaching each other what we’ve learned from our own study.
  5. Discussing the differences what we’ve learned about a same subject.
  6. Trying to understand the differences.
  7. Putting them together and making an article about the subject including the differences.
  8. Uploading it to this web site. 


However I’m just planning this project so I start researching East Asian History by myself. 

I wish the person who has same passion to me may join soon!


Thank you for your interest!

Posted in Project Outline by Courage to Talk for the Next Generation on February 2, 2010

Thank you for your interest.

You may have the same passion that we have and you might think that you want to do something you can to change current situation of East Asia. This project will start in small scale but I believe that our small but precious step toward new era would change the condition somehow in someway. 

I’m planing to hold our first meeting at S406 at BMCC library. To reserve it, more than 6 members have to be on room request form so when you decide to join this project, please send an e-mail to me and put your name and day and time you came on it. I’ll set our first meeting considering your schedule. 

See you soon.