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Self-Strengthening Movement of China

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~Seeking the true History~

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~The Chinese response under the pressure from the great western power Part 4~

Self-Strengthening Movement of China

Some bureaucrats realized the strength of Western powers’ fighting ships and cannons’ so they tried to learn and adopt Western military and science in order to enhance China. They invited foreign experts and built the modern military factory with their latest technologies, built railroads, opened mines, established new schools and sent international students to abroad.


For example, Li Hung Chang, a Chinese general who ended several major rebellions, and a leading statesman of the late Qing Empire, called on foreign military advisers to train Chinese army and establish modern navy.

Li Hung Chang

1890, these measures achieved certain results. It firmed the foundation of Chinese modern industry and broadened people’s international outlook somehow. These movements were called ‘Self-Strengthening Movement’. However bureaucrats who pushed those movements couldn’t reach the answer of the measure causes of the Chinese lost was because of their political corruption so their movement was limited and kept failing to protect China from Western invasion. At the time Beiyang Fleet was the most biggest sea forces in the Asia and it was much stronger than Japanese sea forces.